acupuncture service brisbane

Acupuncture by design

An instant retreat from your busy life. Our primary focus is to help maintain balance through the ancient medical art of acupuncture. We provide a safe and calming space to allow the mind to relax and the body to let go of its constrictions. Whether you’ve previously experienced acupuncture treatments or are a first-timer, we encourage you to push pause, close your eyes , and give yourself the chance to rest and reset.


acupuncture service brisbane

The acupuncture by design is a casual and collaborative group experience. It is our primary wellness treatment which takes place on one of our four treatment tables in the open space. With the help of our acupuncturist you will choose from a menu of point prescriptions. These treatments have been formulated and chosen for their effectiveness to treat a variety of conditions, while also helping you reach a deep state of relaxation. Although less expensive than private sessions, these options have been developed as a sophisticated but simple solution to enable you to receive relaxation treatments on a regular basis.

If you are interested in treating an acute or chronic pain and injury, fertility and pregnancy, colds, flus, skin conditions or digestive disorder, you might consider a private treatment. 




 HI-CAPS is available for all acupuncture treatments Regular
Initial Acupuncture Consultation $95
Standard Acupuncture Consultation $85
Long Appointments (1.5hrs) $130
Initial Herbal Medicine Consultation $80
Standard Herbal Medicine Consultation $55
Pre-Paid 5 Acupuncture Treatments $390 Save $35
Chinese Herbal Products from $18 – $45

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