All our float sessions include towels, bathrobes, earplugs, filtered water, herbal tea and post float relaxation space.

We now have three float tanks – so if two people come together on the same day to float they can enjoy a very special price of $99 in total.


1Hr Float One off – Single $65
1½Hr Float $80
2Hr Float $95
3 Pack Float (3 x 1Hr) Not transferrable $159

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What is floating?

Floating has been around since 1954, when it was first developed by researchers at Washington’s National Institute of Mental Health. The effects of floating have been scientifically validated all over the world. It has been researched and documented for mental health, physical health, resistance to addictive habits, accelerated learning and elite sports performance at Harvard, Stanford, Yale and other Universities, as well as hospitals and sports training facilities around the world. Many famous elite athletes have used floating as an essential part of their training. The Australian Institute of Sport has been promoting floatation as a recovery therapy since 1983. Now you certainly don’t have to be famous to use it as there are benefits for everyone.

Why float?

So that you can eliminate stress, tension and muscle soreness in a simple, effortless way. Let’s say, so you can relax! Take it easy and recover. It relaxes the mind as well as the muscles.

“Floating compensates for lack of sleep…. 2 hours in a float tank can be more restful and restorative than a full night of sound sleep.” 1 hour in the float tank = 4 hours of sleep.

“Floating is successfully used by athletes to improve performance significantly and to speed recovery.”

These quotes come from the Book of Floating by Michael Hutchinson but more importantly are now commonly accepted without argument. Just call the Australian Institute of Sport and ask them about the benefits of floating. More importantly you don’t have to be a high profile athlete to derive the benefits. You can be aged from 8 to eighty and you will benefit in one way or another.

Lord of the Dance superstar Michael Flatley swears by floating since trying it out for the first time at the Float Centre (now part of The Fountain of Youth) during River Dance’s 1998 Australian tour. He even has his own float tank installed at home in the sumptuous, fully restored, centuries-old Castlehyde in Ireland.

How does it work?

A floatation tank is a special, lightweight floatarium designed to remove the effect of gravity. NASA also used float tanks to help with the development and training of astronauts. No noise, no light and no feeling of weight. The tank is housed in your own private bathroom at the Fountain of Youth and you will enjoy total privacy.

Entry to the tank is through a light sliding door which you can close or leave partially or completely open.

Once inside the tank you rest upon an extremely dense solution of sterile warm water and salts – a velvety mixture just 10 inches deep, yet so tremendously buoyant, you have no choice but to float; you can’t sink.

During this process your muscles relax to a degree not possible under any other circumstances and a wonderful feeling of weightlessness and relief flows through your entire body.

Throughout this process, stress, tension and fatigue are rapidly released. The benefits include feeling calm and clear-headed, physically relaxed and refreshed.

Afterward …

You will feel so calm and contented you won’t feel like rushing back to the “real world” straight away. Allow yourself an extra 10 minutes to sit and reflect on the experience in our lounge.

Safe & hygienic

The high saline concentration in the tank makes the water so dense it’s like the Dead Sea and anyone, no matter how heavy they are will float.

The saline content also keeps the water sterile, along with an automatic filtration cycle which is run after each session.

Reassuring facts

Your complete privacy is assured. You float in your own private float room, in your own tank. You are in total control of this tank and can leave it at anytime you like during the float.

Floating in a tank does not feel claustrophobic. The tanks are very roomy, lightweight and well ventilated.

The door of the tank can be left open while you’re acclimatising to the process and a soft light may also be left on if you’re not comfortable with total darkness. Rest assured you will feel perfectly comfortable.

Some of the benefits of floating:

  • Deep and profound relaxation
  • Relief from painful muscular conditions
  • Relief from PMT/PMS
  • Relieves back pain
  • Relieves joint stiffness
  • Relieves joint pain
  • Enhanced sleep patterns
  • Improved stress management
  • Increases muscle regeneration
  • Normalises blood pressure
  • Enhances immune system
  • Ideal environment for speed learning
  • Learn how to stop smoking / lose weight
  • Ideal environment for neuromuscular programming
  • Great for pregnancy (beginning and full term)

There are many more benefits of floating regularly. Please feel free to ask one of our friendly team if you have any questions.

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Your first float

Before you take your first float, there are several things for you to know. In a dark quiet compartment you will be floating in “heavy water”, heated to skin temperature. You will have the feeling of floating weightlessly in space. Your experience will depend on your state of mind and your expectations. Reactions to first time floats have ranged from euphoria to boredom, however the most common response is deep relaxation. Knowing what to expect physically will make your experience a truly satisfying one.

Firstly we ask you to have a quick rinse for hygiene purposes. Please rinse your body at luke warm temperature. If the shower is hot or cold this will affect your body temperature when you step into the float tank and will make the water in the inside feel too hot or too cold as it is set to skin temperature.

Generally, much of the first float is spent becoming accusstomed to the new environment. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the surroundings right away. Push your arms out to feel the limits of the compartment. You will notice that any motion propels your body around the tank. The door is easy to open. You may want to check its location and push or slide it open a little just to reassure your self. When you lay back in the water, you will find that you float like an iceberg and if you lift one of your arms out of the water you will sink slightly. Be careful not to drip the water into your eyes, as the water is very salty and will sting.

Once you start to relax, you may hear some strange noises, like the air rushing through your lungs and throat when you breathe, your stomach rumbling and perhaps even your own heart beating. All of this is normal and there is nothing to be scared about. When all this noise is recognised and you begin to relax more you will not hear these noises again. It is just a relaxing peaceful place to be.

Once you start to relax, you may become aware of areas of your body that hold more tension and that these areas resist relaxation. Often these old injuries are cushioned by the body’s tightening of surrounding muscles. In particular, the neck can be a major area of tension. Allow your neck to relax. Your head won’t sink. Find a comfortable place for your hands. Experiment with your hand positions – above your head, by your side, on your stomach, chest etc. Whatever is comfortable for you is fine as this is different for almost everyone. Then do some deep connective breathing and any pain will usually disappear.

Finally, the most important factor influencing your experience is your state of mind. Floating is a time when your mind can wander. So it is best to be open to a myriad of thoughts and memories parading through your mind. In our society it is a rare pleasure to be relaxed and alone with your thoughts.

Floating instructions

  1. Please visit the bathroom first. There is a private toilet in your float tank room.
  2. Please have a quick luke warm rinse and dry your face.Remove all jewellery.
  3. Insert ear plugs (ask reception if unsure).
  4. Turn off light this lets reception know you are ready to start.
  5. Remember there is a lot of salt in the water so do not rub your eyes. Also cuts and delicate tissues may sting for a few minutes – if discomfort persists then dry affected area thoroughly and apply a thin layer of Vaseline to seal out the salt water.
  6. You may enter and leave the tank at any time, you can leave the tank door open a little or completely if you feel uncomfortable with total darkness. However it is advised to totally close the lid.
  7. Once in the tank, simply layback and relax – music will come on for ten minutes, silence for 35 minutes, then music for five minutes. When the second set of music is finished, you are ready to leave the tank. Slowly sit up to regain your balance. Wipe excess water from your hair and body, then stand up slowly.
  8. Turn the room light on to let reception know you’re finished. If you are still in the tank and the filter system turns on this will indicate that you have gone over time and will need to hop out.
  9. You will need to have a nice warm shower making sure that you rinse all the salt solution from your body, hair and ears. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash are supplied. (We do request and appreciate clients’ consideration of Brisbane’s current water restrictions.)
  10. After getting dressed (or you can put on a robe and put your clothes in the provided basket if you’re having another treatment) return to the lounge area and join us for some filtered water. Any questions about your float experienced can be answered by our friendly staff.


After floating

Always sit for at least ten minutes in the lounge area after floating.

This gentle transition back to the outside world is very important, particularly if you wish to gain maximum benefit. Rushing out immediately negates many of the benefits before your nervous system has had a chance to integrate them. Please sit quietly, enjoy a glass of water and just relax awhile. This is important and most beneficial particularly when you don’t feel like it.

We have found that it normally takes three floats to really begin to derive the most from the floating process. You will find that each float session is a completely different experience.

You may also wish to enjoy a massage after a float. This will heighten your relaxation experience. Alternatively if you have trouble switching off, some people prefer to have a massage first and follow it with a float. Please feel free to ask our friendly staff if you have any questions.

Contact us for an appointment on 07 3856 4087 today.