A 50% surcharge for any appointments cancelled under 24hrs. A 100% surcharge for any ‘No Show’ appointments.

Floatage $110 > $140

Our most popular service is a ‘Floatage’ which is a combination of a float and a massage. Floatage combines of either a 30 minute massage or a one hour massage with a regular 1 hour float.  A Floatage is best described as a ‘Mini Holiday’. Two hours of pure relaxation and recuperation.

The Supreme Facial $95

This one hour facial is a unique, luxurious and deeply relaxing experience.  Designed for anti-ageing or intensive hydration, this facial incorporates full skin analysis, steam purification and oxygen therapy.  Extractions will be included if requested and/or required.

Mini Facial $85

This facial treatment will leave you feeling cleansed, hydrated and refreshed.  A perfect treatment if time is of the essence.

Eye Renewal Therapy $60

This ideal hydrating and firming treatment increases circulation and diminishes dark circles, revives sore and tired eyes and reduces fine lines and puffiness.  Perfect on its own or enjoyed along with one of our facials.

Men’s Facials

Mini Express $75

For men who are constantly on the go, this facial will leave your skin clean and clear.  It will give your face a soft and velvety feel.

Formula 1 $110

Men, like women, should have the impurities in their skin removed.  This exclusive men??s facial incorporating oxygen therapy, will help prevent and repair the destruction of time.  For maximum results please shave prior to your facial.  Extractions will be included if requested and/or required.

Body Treatments

Deep Back Cleanse $90

A ‘facial’ for the back, this treatment is great for clogged pores and blemishes.  The back is often forgotten, so this treatment will leave you feeling revitalised and renewed.

Dead Sea Mineral Wrap $125

While your body is slathered in glorious mud, escape the stresses of everyday life and recharge your immune system with our intensive detoxifying wrap. For incredible smooth silky skin.

Chocoholic Wrap $125

The perfect recipe for soft and smooth skin, whisking away impurities.  A deluxe treatment to restore complete wellbeing and harmony.  Immerse yourself in a fragrant cocoon, with the irresistible aromas of decadent chocolate.

Coffee Express Wrap $125

A stimulating body scrub that utilises anti-cellular properties found in coffee.  This natural, organic skin product will help promote deep relaxation and leave you with a smooth glowing complexion.

Re-Hydration Wrap $125

Designed to hydrate, smooth, soothe and nourish.  Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, you will melt into tranquility as you are transported into another world of relaxation.

After Sun Soothe $110

A home made recipe, this one is ideal for the sun seekers.  Begin with a light massage followed by a body mask of aloe vera and cucumber to soothe and restore the skin after exposure to the harsh Australian sun.  Enjoy a pressure massage of your face and scalp, while your body is languishing under the mask.

Manicure $65 – Manicure with Gels $85

Let us restore and revive suppleness and beauty to your hands.  Gentle exfoliation and cuticle softening, nail shaping and polish, followed by a gentle relaxing hand massage.  Leaves hands feeling beautifully soft and hydrated.

Pedicure $65 – Pedicure with Gels $85

Your feet will feel renewed after this sensory journey.  Starting with a total foot soak and exfoliation, relax as your therapist continues to indulge your feet with a sensational foot massage, followed with shaping, cuticle work and polish.

Cream Tans $40 or with exfoliation $70

Our Mousse delivers a perfect golden brown tan which mimics natural tanned skin tones, with 100% accuracy.

Day Of Indulgence $299

This is pure indulgence!  Let your therapist take you  above and beyond your expectations.  With a relaxing float session and customised aromatherapy massage, complete facial and Dead Sea full body treatment, this 5 hour treatment includes a light lunch, with champagne served on our secluded veranda.  What are you waiting for?  This treatment will give you a new lease on life!

Body Beautiful $299

This pamper pack makes the perfect gift for someone with limited time but wanting an ‘all over’ experience.  It begins with a Dead Sea treatment to bring out the newer, brighter you. Then, enjoy a relaxing 30 minute massage followed by a rejuvenating mini facial.

Yummy Mummy $299

This four hour pamper pack is designed to restore Mums?? wow factor! Included is a 1 hour aromatherapy massage and rehydration wrap to relax you and restore skin to a more youthful appearance.  Followed by a mini facial, express manicure and finally, you’ll walk out glowing with a golden spray tan.

Daddy’s Day Off $290

Men, like women, need to take time out.  This three and a half hour pamper pack will ensure that Dad gets the much needed rest he deserves.  Included in this pack is a float session, 1 hour massage, deep back cleanse, men??s mini facial, and facial wax.  Dad will have to check himself twice as he leaves feeling clean and fresh.

Pregnancy Pack $220 or with Brazilian $255

This three and a half hour pamper pack is designed to get Mum ready for birth.  Enjoy a relaxing float session, a lovely, safe environment for Mum and baby to bond.  Experience weightlessness as it removes the pressure from your lower back and legs.  Followed by a soothing 1 hour pregnancy massage, bikini/Brazilian and brow wax, lash tint and rejuvenating skin boost, to aid elasticity.

Rescue Me $299

This three and a half hour luxurious treatment will give your body a sense of renewal.  If you’re feeling overworked and run down, the following treatments will make you feel as though you’ve had a mini holiday.  Included is a Chocoholic Wrap, 30 minute massage, mini facial, manicure and pedicure. Divine!

Luscious Legs $120

Firm, silky legs are attainable! In this treatment we will use a blend of essential oils to assist circulation, followed by an invigorating massage.  A full leg wax and leg mask containing essential minerals to detoxify the skin will help eliminate cellulite.

Bottom’s Up $250

Out with the old and in with the new.  Cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate tired muscles, all in the same treatment.  Enjoy a float session and experience the release of a 1 hour lymphatic massage.  Off-load toxins, kick start the liver and give the body a new lease on life with a colonic irrigation, great to use with a diet, detox programme or when renewing the body after indulging.