Flower essences are gentle remedies that provide us with vibrational healing for a wide variety of conditions, particularly those related to emotional matters.
They are individually prescribed and can be very potent. They may be taken internally or externally and be used to treat health and emotional issues, to enhance clarity, courage, joy, strength and commitment to follow and pursue personal goals and dreams.
Each flower has certain benefits for specific conditions. Flower Essences work on an emotional level, harmonising negative feelings and belief patterns. Each flower has certain benefits for specific conditions.
Health issues they treat:
• Focus blend for study & exams
• children’s nightmares
• Trauma
• coughs
• exhaustion
• Boost immunity
• chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
• fibromyalgia
• anxiety and fear
• depression
• children’s issues
• Relationship and family issues
• Feeling “not quite right”, addiction, intense feelings of loss
They’re completely safe, free from side-effects and useful for a wide range of conditions.
Book a Consultation today. We are offering flower essence consultations and can be included within an acupuncture appointment.
• 30min consultation $65
• Remedies are $20 each