Brisbane’s only Salon with three Float Tanks, Massage & Accessible 24/7



We are a full service beauty and relaxation centre for men and women offering waxing, float therapy, facials, microdermabrasion, acupuncture, ultrasonic liposuction, nail care and more!

Our clinic is completely dedicated to the well being of our clients and is unique in style and atmosphere. We guarantee you will find relaxation right from the moment you step inside the Fountain of Youth!

Acupuncture Can Compliment Your Lifestyle

5 Ways Acupuncture Can Compliment Your Lifestyle

1. Increase Circulation And Therefore Decreases Your Body’s Aches and Pains In the world we live in today we are mostly hunched over our computers, looking down at our iPhones or iPads, driving for hours, sleeping on our sides or our belly’s and our body eventually starts screaming at us with pain. Acupuncture can help…


Whiten Your Smile!

Like to whiten your smile? You need our Whiten and Brighten Package!   Face, Neck and Décolletage Microdermabrasion facial PLUS LED professional in salon teeth whitening treatment – usually  $379 per person. If you and a friend come in at the same time enjoy this “Whiten and Brighten” combo for only $200 per person – incredible…


Optimise Your Floating Experience

After 19 years of her own personal experience, Terri offers advice on how to optimise your floating experience.     NO Coffees Sugars Carbs Stimulants OR Drugs ….at least 5 hours before or if possible at all on the day of your float. If you intend eating before your float – please try to complete…

  • With our busy, always accessible lives, it is becoming increasingly essential to find times to be quiet, alone and unconnected. A float session can provide this calmness. After a float and massage with Terri I had one of my deepest and most relaxing sleeps that night.
  • I recently had a float/massage at the Fountain of Youth centre in Alderly and can't say enough good about my experience. I have endeavoured in sensory deprivation tanks before although the setting and comfort you feel as soon as walking inside the door of the centre definitely stands out. Terri is brilliant and you can sense the kindness of her personality within seconds of meeting with her. She recommend the float and massage together and I'm so glad I took her advice as the two really do compliment each other.

    A friend took me to start with and now I'm hooked. Such a good mental cleanse and the float helps relieve my back pain. I'd suggest to try once and you'll be hooked too.

  • I have been visiting Fountain of Youth for around ten years. I have gone from problem skin to lovely, cared for skin that mostly makes me feel good when I feel it and look in the mirror. You can’t help aging and the effects this has on the skin, but you can feel and look good as you do it by nurturing and caring for what you have.  

    Terri is so good at analysing my skin and seeing what is needed at different times. I trust her wholeheartedly and take her advice every time. She is a fountain of wisdom regarding skin care and many other things too! It’s a wonderful nurturing place.

    Rebecca K