I decided to attend Fountain of Youth because a good friend highly recommended them to me. Fountain of Youth helped me through the float tank service they offer. Prior to this, I never knew the benefits of float tanks! The result was quite positive and I was excited to book in for another session. I loved their setup throughout the whole store, especially the private setup for the float tanks, which included a private bathroom and awesome natural products! The overall experience was highly relaxing and positive. Once out of the float tank you are able to sit in a quiet space to reflect and further relax, with some herbal tea! I will continue to attend Fountain of Youth for their float tanks, and quite possibly their other services too. Overall a lovely little package built into one store! Highly recommended!

Katie, Brisbane

I have been a long term customer of the FOY and wanted to thank you for introducing me to the life changing practice of floatation. It has focused my soul and really helped my mindfulness.  Many members of my family and friends have commented on the changes.  I used to have an incredibly stressful and busy outlook on life.  Now each day is lived in the moment.  The floatation has been a key part of this catalyst for change and  I would recommend it to anyone.  I am extremely grateful that the FOY is part of my life !

Matty B, Brisbane

I have been floating at the Fountain of youth for a few weeks now and at 33 weeks pregnant it has truly been a gift discovering the many benefits of magnesium float tanks.  Physically it has allowed me to escape the added weight of pregnancy by floating in a weightless environment, and this t has taken so much strain off my body and spine (in particular the sacrum, knees, ankles and feet) and even allows me to float on my belly, which feels wonderful. It has also helped me with sleep, after a float I also have a beautiful sense well being and glowing skin.  The magnesium combined with the weightlessness has helped me with all the aches and pains normally associated with pregnancy and provided me with a great environment to practice stretches and joint rotations. The high Epsom salt solution decreases inflammation and helps absorb high levels of magnesium.

From a spiritual perspective it is a great place to slip into meditation and practice your breathing.  Baby also seems to enjoy the experience and I have found that floating gives him a period of time where there is so much free room and he is also very relaxed during floats, I think this is due to the  ‘mirror effect’ of  the baby floating in the womb, and me floating in the tank.  It is a time to enjoy a beautiful spiritual experience, deepening my connection with my baby during the process.

As a health coach myself I would highly recommend floating to anyone wanting to achieve a greater sense of well being

Hayley C.

I have been a client of Terri’s at the Fountain of Youth since the early 1990s. I have absolute confidence and trust in the services that Terri provides as a therapist, and I know she has a genuine interest in my wellbeing. I’ve never considered going elsewhere; there’s no need to – appointments are on time; the salon is conveniently located and I know that I will be treated by a dedicated professional every time. Terri is warm, friendly and compassionate  to all of her clients and I have no hesitation in recommending the services at the Fountain of Youth.

Kim, Brisbane

I was recommended this service by my son and being a little sceptical I agreed to try the floating and I must say I’m hooked now, I find it the only way to unwind after a stressful week, I have now been regularly using this service for well over a year and also recommend having a body massage before floating, don’t be surprised if you fall asleep whilst doing it

Evan, Brisbane

I was recommended this service by my son and being a little sceptical I agreed to try the floating and I must say I’m hooked now, I find it the only way to unwind after a stressful week, I have now been regularly using this service for well over a year and also recommend having a body massage before floating, don’t be surprised if you fall asleep whilst doing it

Rebecca K

I recently had a float/massage at the Fountain of Youth centre in Alderly and can’t say enough good about my experience. I have endeavoured in sensory deprivation tanks before although the setting and comfort you feel as soon as walking inside the door of the centre definitely stands out. Terri is brilliant and you can sense the kindness of her personality within seconds of meeting with her. She recommend the float and massage together and I’m so glad I took her advice as the two really do compliment each other.

A friend took me to start with and now I’m hooked. Such a good mental cleanse and the float helps relieve my back pain. I’d suggest to try once and you’ll be hooked too.

Shannon, Brisbane

With our busy, always accessible lives, it is becoming increasingly essential to find times to be quiet, alone and unconnected. A float session can provide this calmness.

After a float and massage with Terri I had one of my deepest and most relaxing sleeps that night.

Grant, Brisbane

For anyone that hasn’t yet experienced floating in a float tank yet..it’s a must try. You’ll relax in a way not possible when just lying down, as you are suspended above the water all your muscles relax (to the point where you may forget you’ve got legs & arms!) I’ve been floating for years, using it as a meditation environment, as well as for muscle relaxation (I fall asleep sometimes), and health; so was delighted when Terri purchased the two float tanks.

I can highly recommend it, both as a new experience, or for regulars floaters looking for a private (each room is individual), and inexpensive, place to enjoy your float and shower (with good organic products) afterward. I take my own music/sounds in too, or have silence. Staff are great (I go there for waxes, lashes, pedicures & massages too).  So give floating a go (being selfish really; making sure people know about tanks, so Terri keeps them there permenantly!)

LJ, Samford

Floating has enabled me to reduce my stress levesl and settle my mind to a balanced and relaxed state.  Followed by the magic of a one hour massage by Terri has taken me to a complete state of bliss.

Judy B

“I have been attending the FOY float centre for around 4 months after a professional suggestion. My problem was I had no off switch which I realised was not a good attribute – It led to issues with sleep, concentration and general life. Since I have been taking fortnightly floats and massage, it is almost as though my head had been rewired. The experience, which augments the more you do, has given me the abilty to find my off switch when I need it. My personality has relaxed and I have actually become more productive at work. My sleep has dramatically improved to a deep and constant state which has radically changed my daytime alertness and functionality. My family and friends have also noted a significant improvement in my contenment and for somebody who normally picks up every bug going, I have not had one days sick since I started floats, even when everybody around is seeminlgy crook. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner !”

Matt B

I was lucky enough to be one Lucie’s first clients at Fountain of Youth to experience the new Fractional Laser treatment.

I am thrilled with the treatment. The treatment was virtually pain free. I suffered minor redness that was easily camouflaged with my mineral makeup.

I had a high tech peel a few years ago – I had to take pain killers to deal with the pain associated with that treatment – AND the pain wasn’t worth the result.

My friends have all being saying how great my skin looks. You can see the before photo and the actual results next Laser day at the Fountain of Youth.

I’m hooked – I can’t wait to have another treatment. Thanks Lucie and Terri……

Margy T.

Oh my gosh – Terri those eye patches are amazing!! I was so pleased with the results I got from the new laser treatment – but once I started to use the Collagen Eye Patches – WOW – I feel years younger – and all without needles or surgery. I’m looking forward to one more fractional laser treatment next year – I’m sure I’ll knock them all out when I go to my school reunion. Thanks and have a great Christmas –